What's your process?

  • STEP 1. Get a Quote by giving us a call or emailing us! Call 941-927-2535 or email info@theshowershopfl.com and discuss the design of glass/mirror that best suits your needs.
  • STEP 2.  Get on our schedule for an estimate! Professional Laser Measurements: We'll schedule an appointment to have one of our estimators come to your house and take professional laser measurements, so we can finalize your quote and soon begin fabrication. Choose your customization options, hardware finish, type of handle, and additional bath accessories. 
  • STEP 3.  Review your quote and discuss all questions with our sales professionals.  Once you approve the quote, you're ready for the next step. We'll require a 50% deposit for the next step to begin.
  • STEP 4.  Manufacturing: We cut, polish, and temper your glass shower panels, assemble the hardware, and get everything ready for us to install. 
  • STEP 5.  Installation: We'll schedule a time with you, after all of your tile work is done, for installation.​ Voila! You have the shower of your dreams. 

Are you a family-owned & operated company?​​

  • Yes. At The Shower Shop every Monday – Friday you will find Mike Smith (Owner) and Jill Smith (Sales Professional), husband and wife, hands-on in the office, cutting glass/mirror, putting on a tool belt, and in customer's homes estimating.
  • We do not mean our family just controls the business…we are meeting first-hand with all customers. We are not too big to know about every customer. 
  • At The Shower Shop, you will find a shorter chain of command compared to other Shower Door companies.
  • Because we have one location and a small (yet mighty) crew, customer information travels quick & all ideas are openly discussed with Mike & Jill.
  • With other companies, you may only ever meet with the face of the company once, if you are lucky.
  • Every customer who walks in the door can have the opportunity to work with Mike and/or Jill.

What are you known for?​​​

  • Measuring, Fabricating, and Installing Specialty Glass & Mirror.
  • Our Glass is Not Clamped, No U-Channel, No Grime Line, No Silicone, No Glue, No Tracks, Like Impostors.
  • Our Glass & Mirror is Custom Fit, High Quality, Seamless Finish, Very Secure: Bolted, Built to last, with Minimal Maintenance.
  • We work for your 5-star satisfied experience & then we pay it forward!
  • Our measurements are based on Precise Self-Leveling Laser Measuring System.
  • ​Our hardware is Solid Brass.
  • Our installation technicians are professional, courteous and clean.
  • Our installers are full time employees, not subcontractors.
  • We treat your home with the utmost respect.

Do you also install mirrors and bath accessories?

  • Yes we carry a very wide selection of both.
  • Mirrors range from framed, lighted, vanity, magnification, closet doors, medicine cabinets, pivoting, and custom mirrors.
  • Bathroom accessories range from grab bars, heated towel racks, teak seats and laundry baskets, robe hooks, towel bars, toliet tissue paper holders, shower baskets, shower shelfs, towel rings, soap baskets, foot rest, and squeegees, and cleaning products.

Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Heavy Glass Series

  • Our true frameless glass enclosures are exquisite and can be made in any configuration.

  • Our goal is to make a shower as maintenance-free as possible.

  • Our premium-grade features include 3/8" or 1/2" glass, high-polished edges, butted corners without silicone as a means of support, solid brass hardware, and through-the-glass handles in your choice of style and finish.

  • We offer the strongest and safest frameless enclosures available.​​

  • EnduroShield

  • Plethora of Hardware Styles

Semi-Frameless/Framed Enclosure Series

  • All our semi-frameless models are available to fit a variety of tubs and showers. The Shower Shop ensures all units are made of heavy-grade aluminum. Choose from a variety of finishes and handle selections.

  • Our semi-frameless enclosures have clean, low-profile headers with a flush glaze panel system, and have the option of swing or pivot doors and through-the-glass handle upgrades.

Specialty Custom Sliding Shower Enclosures

  • Option of Cambridge, Quatro, Serenity, Citadel, Sorento, and Cabo.

  • Made custom specially fit to your shower.

What components go into planning my frameless shower design?

  • Glass Thickness Type
  • Glass Style (Such as Low Iron Tint or Pattered)
  • Hinge Type
  • Configuration
  • Treatment Options
  • Hardware Style and Finishes

How long will it take to install my frameless shower door and what can I expect?

  • A typical two-panel frameless shower door installation takes typically 2 hours.
  • A single frameless shower door can be installed in an hour.